Loyalty Rewards Program

Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 03 November 2017
  • Govern Data Sign's Loyalty Rewards program; and
  • Apply in addition to Data Sign's Trading Terms.
  • The Terms & Conditions in Part I apply to all components of the Program.
  • The Terms & Conditions in Part II apply only to the specific component of the Program to which they relate.
  • MEMBERSHIP OF Data Sign's Loyalty Rewards Program
  • An applicant must satisfy the following requirements to be eligible for Membership:
    • Complete the Membership Application Form
    • Meet the spend & payment requirements to qualify for Data Sign's Loyalty Rewards Program
    • Membership commences upon notification by Data Signs that the applicant has been accepted as a Member;
    • Must be an Australian company and is only valid for use within Australia
  • Data Signs may in its absolute discretion accept or reject any application.
  • Data Signs may terminate a Membership immediately at its own discretion:
    • Upon breach of these Terms & Conditions including the non-payment for items with account terms
    • A Member may terminate Membership at any time by giving notice in writing to Data Signs;
  • Data Signs may amend, adjust, alter, vary or terminate the Program components offered to Members from time to time.
  • Data Signs does not provide financial advice. Members should obtain their own independent tax, accounting and legal advice concerning the consequences of participating in Data Sign's Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall be read or applied so as to purport to exclude, restrict or modify or have the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying the application of any applicable legislation.
  • Loyalty rewards are not redeemable and carry no monetary value.


Loyalty Rewards Points Required:
Receive one point for every dollar spent on New Products, Service Items and Spare Parts
250K Points 600K Points 1M Points
Service Parts & Labour Discount
Does not apply to New product or complete heads
10% 15% 20%
Complementary National Training Sessions Annually 1 3 6
Exclusive Invitations - Product Pre-Release & Launches Y Y Y
Priority Dispatch on Parts Y Y Y
Data Signs Product Updates & News Y Y Y
Priority Booking - Service Centres N N Y
  • Membership - Customers must apply to be eligible for “Data Signs Rewards”.
  • Loyalty Rewards Points – Loyalty Rewards Points can be accumulated by making purchases of new products, service items or spare parts from Data Signs.
    • Data Signs may choose to award bonus Loyalty Rewards Points at any time at their discretion.
    • To reach each status level the following accumulation of Loyalty Rewards Points is required:
      Silver: 250,000
      Platinum: 1,000,000
    • Loyalty Rewards Points are calculated as $1 spend = 1 point.
  • Parts Discount – Discount is based on “Retail list prices” Excludes complete heads, new product, no further discounts apply, does not include promotional items that have already been discounted, no discount applies to all freight services. Only valid through purchases & repairs made through a Data Signs Service Centre or orders placed online – excludes all orders, purchases & repairs made through Data Signs Authorised Service Agents **
  • Training Sessions – Each complementary session is for one student only; unused sessions expire at the end of each rewards period and cannot be carried over to the following annual rewards period, only valid for training carried out in a Data Signs training centre.
  • Spare Parts Priority Dispatch – Dispatch of parts within 24 hours of finalising your order – Business days only, excludes public holidays, excludes parts that are not in stock or special & bulky orders.
  • Priority Booking – Platinum members will have priority for “Next available bookings” at our Data Signs service centres, subject to availability.
  • Data Signs Product Updates & News – will be sent to nominated email addresses and must accept our marketing T&C’s and subscribe.
    • Must subscribe via our subscription link.
  • Annual Membership Period – Begins 1st of July and ceases end of business, 30th June each fiscal year.
    • All rewards expire close of business 30th June each year and will reset to zero.
    • If a customer hits a milestone at any date throughout a Membership reward period*, they then may be eligible for the new “status” level rewards for the remainder of the reward period* as well as the consecutive reward period*
    • If a the spend criteria is not reached for a membership reward period, then the membership status will revert back to the status level that reflects the customers current annual for the current annual period. This is assessed and amended annually.
* Annual Membership Period – Begins the 1st of July & Ceases the 30th June each year.

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