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Be rewarded for your loyalty to Data Signs and receive access to premium care rewards as you build your Data Signs fleet. Complete the online application form and start building toward your goal.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement before completing your online application.

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Email and Consent
By applying for Data Signs loyalty rewards program, you consent to Data Signs emailing you regarding:
  • your reward status and the latest Data Signs News
  • exclusive offers for Data Signs loyalty Rewards members
  • news and product updates
  • information about our program
  • market research and receiving emails which let your know about the latest deals and information
If you do not wish to receive these email communications, you can opt-out of any or all of them by emailing dsinfo@datasigns.com.au

Important Information
Data Signs collects personal information about you in connection with the Data Signs loyalty Rewards program (including products and services available to Data Signs customers):
  • to market products and services to you
  • to facilitate your participation in Data Signs loyalty Rewards programs, including by assessing your membership application, awarding you, confirming you eligibility for, and providing any products and services associated with Data Signs
  • to improve our website and services, including by means of products development and market research; and
  • for operational management of Data Signs loyalty programs.

Data Signs may collect your personal information from you directly.

If all or any of the requested non-optional information is not provided, we will not be able to provide the services to you and your application may not be granted. If all or any of the remaining information is not provided, the services we provide to you may be affected.

Our privacy statement is available at http://datasigns.com.au/PrivacyPolicy and it contains more information about the above.