The standard applicable to portable Variable Message Signs is AS 4852.2-2019 Portable Signs.
Scroll down to see the Sign you are about to purchase actually complies with this standard.

LED Angle, Brightness

Bright Wide Angle LED
Data Signs Ultra-Bright LEDs Other non-compliant signs

Section 3.2 of AS 4852.2-2019 Portable Signs, describes the optical requirements including luminance and colour specifications.
Data Signs’ LED boards are compliant to meet or exceed these requirements.

Wide Angle for Extra Viewing Time

Surrounding Border

Compliant Surrounding Borders
Data Signs compliant border Other non-compliant signs

AS 4852.2-2019 Portable Signs, 2.1.2 Sign Enclosure:
The sign housing shall incorporate the following: (b) A surrounding border of not less than 100 mm in width.
Data Signs incorporates a compliant border within the Sign Enclosure on our range of variable message sign models.

Local Programming Capability

Onboard Computer Complete with Keyboard and Screen
Data Signs VMS Computer Other non-compliant signs

AS 4852.2-2019 Portable Signs, 4.2 Local Control:
The sign shall include an onboard computer complete with keyboard and screen for the purpose of local programming, operation and monitoring.
Data Signs VMS COMPUTER allows for full local control of the variable message sign. Make sure this option is fitted as part of standards compliance.

Manual STR (Solar-Tilt-Rotate)

Manual Solar Tilt Rotate
Data Signs STR solar array Other non-compliant signs

AS 4852.2-2019 Portable Signs, 2.2.1 Power supply:
The solar panel array shall be capable of being positioned and tilted to the correct angle to enable maximum collection of solar power.
Data Signs STR allows the solar panels to be tilted and rotated around 360 degrees to allow them to be faced North to capture the most sunlight in order to obtain 24/7 operation. Ensure this option is ordered for standards compliance.

Battery Charger

Battery Charger
Data Signs battery charger Other non-compliant signs

AS 4852.2-2019 Portable Signs, 2.2.1 Power supply
The auxiliary 240 V a.c. battery charger shall be able to charge the battery from a fully discharged state to a fully charged state in not more than 16 hours.

Electric Actuator on Mast

Electric Actuator on Mast
Data Signs Control Panel Other non-compliant signs

AS 4852.2-2019 Portable Signs, 2.1.1 General arrangement
Facilities shall be provided for the sign to be raised and locked in the operating position.
An electric actuator is used to raise and lower the variable message sign Head (screen) using a Raise/Lower button located in the Control box. The manual brake winch pictured is extremely unsafe.

Wind Loading

Ballast Tanks
Data Signs VMS ballast tank Other non-compliant signs

AS 4852.2-2019 Portable Signs, 5.3 Wind Loading
…the minimum wind-loading conditions applicable shall be those for Region A, Terrain Category 2, in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.2.
Once filled with water, the ballast tanks meet the wind-loading requirements; up to 134km/h wind gusts.

VMS ballast tank fillup Ballast tank filled with water
VMS ballast tank empty out Empty ballast tanks if required before shipping