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Compact Traffic Lights

Compact Traffic Lights are an integral traffic management tool for use on roadwork sites. It is intended to be used as a temporary daily usable Traffic Light. It is powered by a maintenance free battery that needs to be recharged at the end of the day. It is not intended to be left unattended on site and when operated via an optional Remote Control it places a safe distance between the actual Traffic Light and the operator.

Traffic Signal Compact Traffic Signal Compact
Traffic Signal Compact
Compact PTL

The entire unit is light weight and can be folded down and easily transported. The 200mm aspects use ultra-bright LED's for optimal viewing. If used as a set, the Compact PTLs maintain constant RF (radio frequency) communication with the each other, as required for MRTS264 Type-1 Portable Traffic Signals and TSI-SP-062,049, 050 and where relevant AS4191-2015 Portable Traffic Signals.

Normal RF operating range is up to 500 meters line-of-sight under normal conditions.

Features include lightweight foldable tripod stand that can be quickly set-up by one person.

PTL Compact Setup

Target Board Setup

Connect using Smart Terminal

Shuttle Mode

Plant Crossing Mode

The unit can be controlled using:

Various operational control functions are available which include:

  • Gating Control
  • 2-Way Shuttle Control
  • Copy Mode
  • 2-Way Plant Crossing Control
  • 3-way intersection
  • 4-way intersection

Further Options:

  • Auto-timed signal changes
  • Vehicle Sensor DEMAND Mode
  • Red Time Counter Display
  • Boom Gate Control
  • Monitoring via DS-Live Platform
  • Setup upto 10 PTL units using DS-Live

Operational Modes