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S1 Traffic Lights

S1 Traffic Lights are an integral traffic management tool for use on roadwork sites. It is intended to be used to control localized vehicular traffic flow as a safer substitute for STOP/ SLOW (lollipop) signs. It is powered by a LiPo maintenance free battery that needs to be recharged at the end of the day. It is not intended to be left unattended on site and can only be operated via the included Remote Control which places a safe distance between the actual Traffic Light and the operator. It is supplied as a single traffic light and remote.

S1 Traffic Lights S1 Traffic Lights
S1 Traffic Lights
PTL S1 Traffic Light

The entire unit is light weight and can be folded down and easily transported. The 200mm aspects use ultra-bright LED's for optimal viewing.

Features include lightweight foldable tripod stand that can be quickly set-up by one person.

The unit is controlled using a low cost Bluetooth Remote Control.

Gating control is the only operation mode available. Shuttle operation is possible using 2 lights and 2 operators. See example below.

Gating Control S1 PTL

PTL Setup

Target Board Setup

Gating Mode